1. Goldito II

From the recording Universal Benefits


Duce | Clique, clip, bud, dub, bic, buzz, dridd, light years away.
The space, the way I fade away, ok.
Is it Wade, is it LBJ?
Heat until hell so I'll still be straight.
Can they let me in the gates with Three-Six in my vein?
A hundred-three tricks in the shade?

God Goldin | Spotlight on my greeting
Willie beamin
Hunnet honeys screaming
I ain't dreaming
This how I seen it
Scorsese off the Hazy
Duce is like kubrick
Mind like a rubric
Music filled muses
I'm in tune with
The infinite
Receive your universal benefits
Stay in tune with the infinite
receiving universal benefits
Cuz we in tune with the Infinite

Duce | New tune with my kin and them.
Doomed by the goon, by the new cool image.
Who I'm kidding? What I do?
Bada-boom bout by business.
Someone no permit? Imma choose they forgiveness.
Cool with the dealerships.
Whip off craigslist, hope they don't catch this.
Moves been perfected. Moves til the death grip.
Moves thru a new moon, best hue to mesh with.
Better if I just let god bless them.

God Goldin | Speaking in tongues like slytherin
Once I hufflepuff
I'm a full blooded wizard
Don't mistakes me with the muggles uhn
George Lucas Meets IceBerg Slim
Gordon parks with the arts
Theodore with the Pen
It's Crime and punishment y'all
It's crimes and punishment
My rhymes is punishment
My rhymes be Punishing.

Duce | My rhymes be punishing.
It's like buffering, late-night,
5a // let my lady lay, gotta tuck her in.