[Intro: (God Kundalini Isa Allah)]

“In this knowledge wisdom month
Which is the twelfth month

On this knowledge day
Which is the first day

Of the year of Wisdom Cipher Knowledge Build or Destroy
Which is 2018
You gotta Divine the Equality that you See
That means Congratulate it
Or either Destroy the Evil as you See it”

[(God Goldin Zig Zag Zig Allah)]

Am I meditating? certainly
Medicated off that herbal tea and purple tree

Am I meditating? certainly
Medicated off that herbal tea and purple tree...

That purple Tree...
Purple Tree

Am I meditating? Certainly
Medicated off that herbal tea and purple tree

That purple Tree

All Right
I deserve a doctorate the Way I make you rock with this

[(God Kundalini Isa Allah)] : Peace
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[(God Goldin Zig Zag Zig Allah)] :

Holy scriptures demanded every time by my listeners

I Speak through prisms so easily
Ya’ll can see the picture

I give you food for thought
But this
Fill your fridges

Do this for the blind, deaf and dumb prisoners

Cause my mind’s a diamond

I’m mentally mining

But I’m digging deeper and deeper
See I’m conscious for the sleepers
Raise your conscience through the speakers

I do this for the dead walking
See I was chosen to bust your third eye open

It’s God Goldin
One that left time frozen
Hopped off the astral plane and nobody even noticed

I would juggle the asteroids as a young novice

Now I realign the planets with wise words being quoted

Focus, Hocus Pocus , They think it’s Magic
When I’m spazzin’ a portion of my cerebral tactics

Charles Xavier, More like Malcolm Xavier
Hoover turning in his grave cause he can’t kill the Savior

Tap dancing on coffins like Savion Glover
Watch how I Hover

Hill Harper’n
Letters to my Young brothers

Melanated Conductors
Humanitarian’ Hustlers
This is top shelf
I love my customers

Dope Man Dope Man
But I’m Pitchin’ Hope Man

They all want these bars
But they all want them Golden

24 karat
See that’s what I inherited
So all the human families of the planet earth can embellish this

Y'all want more than just Moorish Science
I’ll give you the story beyond the tudors and all the tyrants

Give you the tool
So you can open up Horus Eyelids

Cause being God
Living Mathematics
Pure Appliance
The surest science

I deserve a doctorate
Way I make you rock with this

This right here’s a doctrine right from where your prophet lives
Touch right where your logic is

Epiphanies I gotta give

Product of the Kundalini Flame

I control the temperature and constitute the change

So I’m hot and cold like bengay
I mean ben bey

Banneker for amateurs and mapping out coordinates

Broadening your Horizon
Bring you close to your origin
Lies from the past
Break em all like they porcelain

Original, Aziatic
Original, Aziatic

Ain't nothing bout me average

Been here before the beginning of time
Whats the middle passage?


Tell me what’s the middle passage

When I been bettering humanity in all these facets

When I been in this laboratory and cookin’ these classics
Tell me right now

Right now

Whats the middle passage?
I don’t know what the middle class is

I don’t know what the middle class is

We human beings

You can be righteous you African or European

Your perception depends though on how ya seein’

And ya know seeing
You know
That’s believing

Well Check me out
I’m one with the seasons
I love green like a vegan
I stare into the sun to make sure my chlorophyll’s peaking
29, 141 I'm reaching
The way I reach Everest with my messages