1. Lucky Artist

From the recording Smile After Doom


Lucky that it ain't me
Just bought a screen week six of the big freeze
Black shorts, swinging down Warp Street
It hurt how momma wonder when her son is gonna see her
Without karma, I'd be caught in feeling incomplete
I had the wave but the grooves still Van Vleet
Out with bb, or my buddy on the iPhone
Back home, its a two man team
Got o's, got chips, good cereal to eat
Cut the sweets out the whole criteria
Never stop. The clock ain't that serious no more
Everyday we right here with it
For a living, I design the right experience
Brought gas laughing at the life that we living in
Protein float for the bodyweight fitness

Got the Auralex around the noggin
That type of criticism was the harshest
A part of me just got to be the artist
The art of authoring the character to be for all of us
Team tight, even fitting in the Honda
Eating light greens like marijuana
A part of me just got to be the artist
The smartest
The meaning of genius is keeping your speech as your bondage
The fee is your conscious
I need it
Sparking all week tryna make a G from garbage
Need a clean apartment
Got me off-beat tryna play Peter Parker

All the blue chips moved in
Marcus perusing thru self-help books by the cool kids
Its all money, all interest
Yup, it's more than 100 percentages
Boss back
All that talk in a loud bag, pass that
Halfway through a new script, new path to imagine, a new risk
Sure buddy, you too could do this

Can't use first person to curse meds
Purp work, it’s the curse of the first man
Want the proof
Could've lost more, lost plenty: 2020