From the recording Smile After Doom


You don't know this path like a old young one
Let's show them
You don't know this path like a old young'n
I'll show the rope making process
Let's grow from it
I've got to know your road to progress to co-fund it
Big, brown eyes watching out for fronts
Try it if you want
I'm not rolling around with thugs, I'm just chilling with my cousins

Got papers, degrees of merit to prosper
My state seems to turn regulars to martyrs
Hold on
Panorama clouded but the camera's full of partners
Johnny Fly shades as the paid sponsor
Got watchers, corporate operated karma
And local law. All tithes came from commoner
And my involvement aim for way more than martyrdom
In the spot, talking self sufficient farming
Mixing dark, with the darker
Strategically efficient thru a lil squabbles
Life a game of chess I just make the set harder
Can't erase options, can't escape problems
Past due date charges, I'm off all of them
Back to moves made often
weekends In your town, but everyday I'm in the office
Pan America, the plans changed with the banners up
I'm the phantom bruh, found the ropes, I'll handle them